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Subscriber Data Usage

Mobile operators use HeyStaks to create new revenue streams
out of subscriber data consumption

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Intentional advertising unlocks subscriber revenue potential

Unique interest profiles that reflect true intent

Understanding intent means knowing what people will find relevant at a particular time. Context (activity, location, time, device) and individual preference (short- and long-term interests) decide what content, offers or advertisements a user will engage with or respond to.

HeyStaks builds intent-rich preference profiles of mobile subscribers so advertisers can target relevant ads at the right audience. Pseudo-anonymous profiling means user privacy is preserved.

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How to Unlock New Revenue Streams from Mobile Subscriber Data

Dr. Maurice Coyle

Dr. Maurice Coyle will identify the unique value present in web search data and explore opportunities for mobile operators and service providers to monetize data through existing consumer marketing, product marketing and advertisement channels.

HeyStaks Platform

The flexible HeyStaks API architecture takes in search activity and context signals and builds a model of intent-rich community preference. This model drives more relevant recommendations and a better user experience.

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In addition to intentional mobile advertising, HeyStaks community profiling powers:

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