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Know Your Subscriber

Mobile operators can earn massive revenues from customer data with HeyStaks.

Capture Advertising RevenuesDiscover Deep Subscriber Insights


Disrupt Mobile Advertising with Intent Data

Audience Segmentation for Mobile Operators

The HeyStaks Retina Platform analyses web usage data to build accurate profiles of subscriber intent and preferences. This enables the creation of laser targeted audience segments.

  • The Mobile operator becomes the key player in $60Bn mobile advertising market
  • Supercharge conversion rates by targeting the right people with the right ads at the right time
  • Enhance your reputation for privacy protection with a solution that adheres to the toughest international data laws


Precise Subscriber Segmentation

Big Data Insights for Mobile Operators

The HeyStaks Retina Platform delivers interest, demographic or consumption based segments, which enables highly personalised campaigns and enlightened business decisions.

  • Fuels 'Segment of One' marketing, through deep understanding of individual preferences
  • Subscriber segments can be created in realtime, to respond to changing sales and marketing goals
  • Retina for Big Data delivers new upsell and cross sell opportunities for mobile operators

HeyStaks Retina Platform

Our patented platform uses sophisticated machine learning, natural language processing and semantic analysis techniques to generate real-time customer insights at telco scale.