About HeyStaks

HeyStaks is a data science company passionate about understanding the needs and wants of people through analysing their Web usage patterns in a privacy-enhanced way. The patented HeyStaks Retina platform is the result of 30 person-years of award-winning doctoral and post-doctoral research at Europe’s largest data analytics research centre (INSIGHT). Incorporated in 2008 and with PhDs, a Professor of Computer Science and successful entrepreneur on the founding team, HeyStaks helps mobile operators and service providers to understand their customers’ needs & wants in any time or place.

What makes us different: allowing Mobile Operators to Out-Google, Google!

HeyStaks are the only company who can deliver intent data to Mobile Operators re. the subscribers on their network. Intent data has been used by FaceBook and Google to dominate the Global Mobile Advertising market – a market that will be worth $65 billion USD in 2019.

The HeyStaks Retina platform analyses subscriber’s web usage patterns in real-time. These profiles are dynamically updated as the user moves from place to place and their intent changes with their context. This gives the operator an incredibly in-depth profile of each subscriber.

By understanding each subscriber’s intent and interest in any time or place, HeyStaks provides the mobile operator with a powerful asset that enables laser-focused audience segmentation. This asset can be used to drive higher return on advertising spend, deliver highly-customized internal marketing campaigns or support Big Data initiatives.