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HeyStaks' collaborative search analytics platform exposes
rich profiles of user preferences from search data.

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The HeyStaks Discovery Platform

Expose user intent from search activity

By analyzing the search and browsing activities of users, HeyStaks algorithms identify communities of like-minded people.

HeyStaks processes context signals, like time and location, to add context to these communities. Experts with high reputation on search and browsing topics are also identified. The result is a search profile that reflects the actual intent of users.

"Deploying HeyStaks Personalized Search is like having a new website - there is just no comparison to what we had before."

- Darren Hardiman
E-commerce Manager, DID Electrical

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    Dr. Maurice Coyle explores opportunities to monetize search data.

HeyStaks for Advertising

The key to successful advertising is accurate, timely targetting. By understanding their intent, HeyStaks makes the advertisements that a user sees more relevant. Users are more likely to engage with these ads, which increases the value for advertisers.

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HeyStaks for eCommerce

HeyStaks enhances search for eCommerce stores by delivering personalized, relevant listings. The product that the current shopper is most likely to buy appears at the top of result lists. This increases conversions and results in a better overall experience.

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Announcing the Launch of Personalized Site Search for eCommerce on DID.ie

We’re delighted to announce our new deal with DID Electrical┬áto launch our personalized site search on their e-commerce website, which is the leading online electronics portal in Ireland. DID’s eCommerce Manager, Darren Hardiman, had the following to say about the launch: “The Launch of this personalized search service is an integral part of the DID.ie…

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