A Statement of Intent: Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014) Beckons

We’ll be heading to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona again this year, exhibiting on the Ireland pavillion in Hall 7, stand 7F70 and looking forward to another great event.

At this year’s event we’ll be unveiling the first of our “Intentional Advertising” offerings, built on the HeyStaks Collaborative Search Analytics platform. Mobile operators and other service providers looking to use subscriber data usage patterns to improve their CRM, precision marketing and advertising initiatives now have the perfect tool with our profile enrichment technology.

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Content Curation 2.0

Back in the good ol’ days, before we talked about content curation as a next-generation web service, we lived in a curated web. Yes that’s right. Long before there were social networks, even before there were mainstream search engines, people found content online by navigating catalogs of carefully curated content, collections of hand-picked links, or hierarchies of meticulously organised pages. Back in the day, Yahoo! was the king of the curated web, providing millions of early web adopters with access to a carefully curated hierarchical catalog of pages and links. The catalog still survives today even though, by and large, we web users search for, rather than navigate to, the content we seek, but nonetheless in the pre-dawn of the modern web people located content by navigating through Yahoo!’s comprehensive catalog. Of course, then along came Google. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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Whitepaper: Towards the Reputation Web

HeyStaks Whitepaper 3 - Towards the Reputation Web Since the dawn of the Internet we have used ratings as a proxy for reputation to guide our activities; buyer and seller ratings, for example, have been crucial to the success of eBay and similar online markets. But as the web has become more social, shifting the emphasis from pages to people, we will see reputation playing an ever more crucial and pervasive role to mediate and qualify our interactions.

In this white paper we consider some of the implications of the ability to measure and use reputation, particularly as a recommendation signal in the world of information discovery and collaborative web search.

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