What’s Happening Today in Big Data

What's Happening Today in Big Data

The notion of monetising data is not new for Communications Service Providers. An increasing number of CSP’s are monetising subscriber and Big Data in their corporate growth strategy. Others are assessing their options and some of the most advanced companies have set up new divisions targeted at exploiting Big Data.

For most CSP’s the question of how and to what level they will co-operate with OTT providers remains unanswered. On the one hand, these companies represent a major source of threat to operator revenues. On the other, they could be a key buyer of operator subscriber data. This article examines how CSP’s are exploiting subscriber data, the tensions that exists between CSP’s and OTT players and what OTT players actually want from CSPs.

The Impact of Big Data on Company Culture

The Impact of Big Data on Company Culture

As the Big Data industry matures and more companies adopt Big Data programs, clear trends are emerging in relation to the impact of Big Data on company culture. HeyStaks have analysed different sources of information and identified the stages that companies work through on the way to successfully adopting Big Data.

We also look at what might be ahead for companies who are already successfully adopting Big Data. What clearly emerges from our study is that the level of staff buy-in and support is the most critical success factor. We suggest some ideas within this article on how to cultivate this.

Determining the value of a Big Data Project

Determining the Value of a Big Data Project

How can a Mobile Operator Measure the Value of a Big Data Project?

Evidence suggests that companies who invest in Big Data struggle to make an acceptable return on the investment. Here HeyStaks present the results of a recent survey regarding the Big Data R.O.I. This survey highlights how for large companies the R.O.I. is often low and it illustrates the importance and difficulty of developing an accurate Business Cases for a Big Data project.

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HeyStaks at GITEX Technology Week, Dubai

HeyStaks will attend Gitex Technology Week 2015 in Dubai to show how we can generate new revenues for mobile operators from subscriber web usage data

HeyStaks will be exhibiting at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai’s World Trade Centre from 18th-22nd October. GITEX is a great event for us as it has a strong mobile stream and is an opportunity to meet existing and potential customers. Generating new revenues from data is a hot topic for mobile, so our Intent Analytics offering is going to be very interesting to GITEX delegates.

The Middle East and Africa mobile markets are growing incredibly fast and progressive mobile operators based there are very keen to understand the massive revenue potential of technologies like HeyStaks. We have had strong traction there so far and look forward to a great event, meeting plenty of smart folks!

We will be in the Zabeel Gulfcomms Hall on Stand Z-J29 so if you’re attending please drop by.

Announcing the Launch of Personalized Site Search for eCommerce on DID.ie

We’re delighted to announce our new deal with DID Electrical to launch our personalized site search on their e-commerce website, which is the leading online electronics portal in Ireland.

DID’s eCommerce Manager, Darren Hardiman, had the following to say about the launch:

The Launch of this personalized search service is an integral part of the DID.ie strategy to optimize the user experience and to ensure we deliver the right product to each user in each visit to the DID online store. This service will also enable us to learn the intent of each shopper and to understand the products we need to carry to satisfy their neeeds. HeyStaks achieves that all – deploying the HeyStaks solution is like having a new website – there is just no comparison to what we had before.

Our CEO here at HeyStaks, Maurice Coyle, said:

“DID.ie sees the delivery of a highly personalized onsite search experience as an essential step in strengthening its position and brand value in the extremely competitive online electronics marketplace. The new personalized site search powered by HeyStaks’ technology offers DID.ie shoppers the right items and a relevant shopping experience based on what we learn about them. Our unique engine uses intent analytics and collaborative-based recommendations to increase relevance by 40% over any other personalization technology.

Read the press release here.

Website Analytics for E-commerce – 2014 Study Results

In December 2014, we conducted a study to discover the ways in which e-commerce professionals use analytics on their websites. We also wanted to hear their opinions on what’s working and what’s not with the analytics solutions that they use.


We received 30 responses to our survey over a three week period before Christmas.

Company Desciption and Size

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Data Driven Advertising: MNO Revenue Simulation

$17.96 billion advertisement revenues travelled through the worlds’ Mobile Networks in 2013; a figure that is forecasted to grow to $98 billion by 2018. In 2013 this created a cost for Mobile Network Operators and $18b revenue for Internet Publishers, OTT players and Ad networks.

This market is driven by Data, with in excess of 50% of advertising revenue now spent on acquiring data. However, Mobile Operators do not participate in this revenue, even though they have access to more data on the interests and behaviours of Internet users than OTT players and other ad revenue generators.

The HeyStaks platform creates an advertisement Data Asset for the MNO and provides the interfaces to allow the MNO monetize this asset in 3rd party ad networks, including that of our partner, Smartpipe.

This document introduces the HeyStaks & Smartpipe solution and describes how this solution will earn €3.2m sustainable Quarterly revenue for a 3m subscriber MNO. The factors that influence this revenue, including the parameters and usage numbers used in this revenue simulation are explained to allow you translate to your own context.

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The MNO Opportunity within Data Driven Advertising

$17.96 billion advertisement revenues travelled through the worlds’ Mobile Networks in 2013; a figure that is forecasted to grow to $98 billion by 2018. In 2013 this created a cost for Mobile Network Operators and $18b revenue for Internet Publishers, OTT players and Ad networks.

This document sets out the dominant factors in this market and strategies followed by the companies who share in this revenue today.

It also explains why Mobile Network Operators (MNO) are uniquely positioned to participate in this market and explains how a currently dormant MNO asset can enable access to recurring advertisement revenue for the MNO.

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HeyStaks Data Compliance Policy

The HeyStaks Privacy Policy is modelled on the stricter requirements of new EU data protection laws passed in the EU parliament in March 2014, but not expected to be enacted in each member state until 2017. We use these EU laws as our benchmark, and adapt HeyStaks implementation and supporting policies to comply with local laws and to support the specific data policies of the HeyStaks customer.

Download the HeyStaks Data Compliance Policy below for further detail on our data privacy policies and features.

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