Free Guide to Web Summit 2014, Dublin

Attending Web Summit 2015? Our Free Guide to Web Summit 2015 has been released!

Update – November 3rd: The latest version contains an full, updated printable version of the Web Summit Schedule for all three days.

Free Guide to Web Summit 2014

The Web Summit 2014 is fast approaching, and it will be even bigger than ever before. Taking place over three days (November 4-6 2014) in Dublin’s RDS, it will see hundreds of luminaries from the world of technology take to the stage in front of 20,000 attendees. Last year we created our own (and wildly successful) HeyStaks Guide to Dublin Web Summit and we’re delighted to tell you that we’ve done the same again for 2014.

The HeyStaks Guide to Web Summit 2014, which you can download below for free, has everything from printable daily schedules, to profiles of the best speakers, to practical information and tips on visiting Dublin, and everything in-between.

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How to Win Sales at a Conference

This post is based on two visits to Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in 2013 and 2014, but the lessons and pitfalls can be applied to any industry trade show or conference. In fact, they can be applied to all facets of life but we thought we’d start with conferences. We’ve had pathetic failures and resounding successes (in life and at conferences) so listen close.

It never hurts to have information and branded goodies to give to people

It never hurts to have information and branded goodies to give to people

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How to Get a Meeting with the CEO of any Company

The single most useful thing if you want to bend the ear of any CEO (or executive, or mailroom boy, for that matter) is to be where they are. Assuming that doesn’t mean breaking into their house and waiting for them to come home (disclaimer: we do NOT recommend this course of action), a great way to do this is to attend the same conferences or events as they do.

Our next post will centre on preparing for conferences and trade shows itself, while this post focusses on how to secure a meeting once you’ve decided to attend an event your target will be at.

How to secure a meeting

We’ll assume you’ve done the background research to be as sure as possible that your pitch will strike a chord with the person you’re trying to meet. No matter what you do, selling the right product to the wrong person is likely to be a waste of everyone’s time.

If you don’t have your pitch and proposition nailed, this post might be a few steps ahead for you, since the assumption is that some market research and validation has already been done. We’ll also assume you don’t have a warm introduction into that person, since that’s the best way of all to get some ear-time.

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